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Bibliography Cox, J.; Tararia, A. (2023) Climate change as a driver of conflict in Papua New Guinea, In: Examining Conflict Dynamics in Papua New Guinea, ed. Gordon Peake, Discussion Paper (23-003), 46-55, United States Institute of Peace, Washington, DC
Abstract / Content summary This paper explores the relationships between conflict and climate change in Papua New Guinea. Climate change poses a range of severe risks, but these should not be conceptualized narrowly in environmental terms. Climate change should be seen as an escalator of existing drivers of conflict, particularly those related to pressure on land and resources, rather than as a discrete driver itself. Climate and conflict-sensitive programming from the PNG government and its development partners must include the role of extractive industries, national governance, the capacity of the state to deliver equitable services; support accessible and locally relevant dispute resolution processes; and strengthen civil society. [Editor's note]
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