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Bibliography Fang, P.; Benny, D.; Ovah, R.; Roberts, A.; Schmidt, E.; Solomon, E. (2023) Constraints facing rural poultry production in PNG: the role of input suppliers, IFPRI Discussion Paper (2193), 26 pages, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Washington, DC, URL:
Abstract / Content summary The average consumption of protein foods in Papua New Guinea (PNG) remains insufficient to meet nutritious diet guidelines, especially in rural areas. While an expanding literature has demonstrated that poultry is a cost-efficient animal source food to increase protein intake, rural households in PNG face high prices at the market for poultry meat. Similarly, the high price of poultry production inputs constrains greater uptake of rural poultry production. PNG’s heavy reliance on feed (and feed input) imports, as well as high transportation costs and insufficient rural manufacturing and processing infrastructure creates limited opportunities for rural subsistence and commercial poultry production growth. There is a lack of value chain studies to understand the feasibility of expanding the local mini livestock feed mill model in PNG to increase poultry feed supply in undeserved areas. This study builds from earlier work on rural livestock feed infrastructure programs, and aims to fill the knowledge gap on the opportunities and constraints for expanding domestic livestock feed production and distribution via rural mini feed mills.
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identifier | DOI: 10.2499/p15738coll2.136756
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