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Bibliography Barak, J. (2023) The need to adopt climate smart agriculture practices to promote food security in Papua New Guinea, NRI Spotlight, Vol.16 (15), 5 pages, National Research Institute, Boroko, NCD, URL:
Abstract / Content summary The adverse impacts of climate change on the agriculture sector for rural household farmers is a concern for food security in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Projected changes in rainfall and temperature suggest that PNG will face extreme weather changes with hotter days, long dry and wet seasons ahead (Bourke, 2018). Higher temperatures will likely result in more heat stress with associated crop pests and post-harvest losses, affecting the yields of important rural household staples which in turn have implications on food security. The latter in this instance takes into consideration food shortages, loss of income and imbalances in dietary intakes particularly due to the reduction in crop production. [Part Introduction]
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