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Bibliography Toyoda, Y.; Ehara, H.; Naito, H.; Mishima, T.; Galgal, K. (2024) Possibility of up-scaling sago production in Sepik area, Papua New Guinea, In: Proceedings of the 14th International Sago Symposium Sago, The Role of Sago in Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, Gakushikaikan Tokyo, Japan, 7th July 2023, 33-36, The Society of Sago Palm Studies, Tokyo, Japan
Abstract / Content summary The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and four members of Society of Sago Palm Studies (SSPS) joined a technical cooperation project (TCP) titled, ‘Enhancing food security and combating climate change through scaling-up sago production’, and conducted researches in Papua New Guinea in collaboration with FAO Papua New Guinea Office. Among several suggested sites, two sites near Wewak, the capital city of East Sepik Province, have been chosen for the project. Preliminary research was conducted by three research members in August 2022, and they decided to carry out two things for up-scaling sago production; 1) to establish nurseries and to apply seed propagation method in order to increase the rate of germinating, 2) to introduce rasping machines for grinding sago pith tissues into small pieces in order to increase starch extraction efficiency. In November 2022, three members visited the research sites, and they gave the villagers instructions for making nurseries and seed propagation method. In addition to this, the research team organized a workshop titled ‘Sago Planting Materials’ in Wewak city, gave instructions for growing sago to local people. After that, the people in one of the research sites, following the advice from the research team, finished making a nursery in their village, which would be the first sago palm nursery in Papua New Guinea. They began to grow sago seeds with seedling bags in the nursery for seed propagation. A rasping machine was introduced in May, 2023. In this project, the authors found a possibility of up-scaling sago production in this area, while they found some social and cultural aspects they have to consider in carrying out the project. Key words: Nursery, Papua New Guinea, Seed Propagation, Social aspects
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