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Bibliography Department of Agriculture and Livestock (2023) National agriculture sector plan 2024-2033. Transforming the agriculture sector: subsistence farming to commercial enterprises, 199 pages, Department of Agriculture, Waigani, NCD
Abstract / Content summary The Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, Hon. James Marape, in his inaugural address to the nation, declared that Agricultural Development is his Government’s top priority after the significant progress achieved so far in the non-renewable mining and petroleum sectors. This plan (NASP 2024–2033) is aligned to the Government’s MTDP IV 2023-2027, which prioritizes the Agriculture Sector. Currently, food insecurity and poor nutrition is a growing concern in PNG. There is an inconsistent daily supply of food to households (PNG DHS, 2016 -2018) and a high malnutrition rate. One child out of 13 children dies due to malnutrition before s/he reaches 5 years and a significant 40% - 50% of the remaining children are stunted or wasting (UNICEF, 2021). PNG has a high poverty rate of 40%, especially in rural areas (UNDP, 2014). Unemployment is high in the country, with a reported 240, 000 people who actively looked for work in 2020 (Trading Economics, 2020). There are declining yields of agricultural food gardens in densely populated areas across our country and these desperately need interventions to develop resilient agricultural production systems under our changing climate (Food Systems Profile - PNG, FAO, 2023). Long-term sustained macroeconomic growth and development of the PNG economy heavily depends on agriculture, which has the potential to create wealth, employment and trigger industrialisation and services leading to a significant increase in food security and poverty reduction amongst others. The sector’s current share of GDP stands at around 30% and will continue to be the primary economic activity that provides livelihoods for over 80% of the rural population. Hence, its development has positive implications for the majority of the population and other sectors of the economy. The development targets in the MTDP IV 2023-2027 and NASP 2024–2033 show us the contributions the Agriculture Sector must make to the nation in 2027 and beyond. These include; improved food supply to homes and reduced malnutrition and stunting in children. The Agriculture Sector is targeted to contribute K30 billion to the PNG Economy by 2033, thereby creating wealth for all Papua New Guineans. The production and export of Commodity Crops will have tripled or quadrupled, while increased domestic Food crops grown and livestock raised will replace imports, derived from climate-smart resilient production systems. Through this, 500, 000 new jobs or more will be created and 50, 000 SMEs established for the Nation. [Preface]
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