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Bibliography FAO (2023) Mapping territorial markets in Chimbu province and in Eastern Highlands province, Papua New Guinea: summary report, 34 pages, Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, Rome, Italy, URL:
Abstract / Content summary Smallholder farmers are responsible for most of the food consumed in the world, as well as most of the investments made in agriculture (CFS, 2016; FAO, 2017). They operate largely in a range of local and national markets that are embedded in territorial food systems, known as “territorial markets”. From a consumer perspective, these markets serve as key retail outlets for access to the foods needed for healthy diets, in particular to fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, meat (including poultry) and staple foods. Despite their importance, however, data concerning territorial markets are not often included in national data collection systems, and this includes data on the availability of food groups, food retailers and consumer profiles. As a result, they are often neglected in strategies aimed at improving nutrition, reducing poverty and fostering local economies. This is the context in which FAO conducted a mapping of territorial markets in Papua New Guinea. The objective of the mapping was to identify the business and operational models that work best to therefore serve as entry points for the implementation of policy and investment strategies towards more inclusive and nutrition-sensitive markets. [Introduction]
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