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Bibliography Gimiseve, H.; Miamba, N.; Na’ata, B.; Dorosh, P.; Schmidt, E.; Yadav, S. (2024) Effects of a partial ban on Papua New Guinea’s imports of poultry products, Research Note (December 2023), 12 pages, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Washington, DC, URL:
Abstract / Content summary In 2023, Papua New Guinea introduced a partial ban on poultry imports from Australia and Asian countries (representing about 70 percent of total PNG poultry imports) in response to the biosecurity threat posed by Avian Influenza (bird flu). Such a restriction on supply has the potential to lead to sharp price increases, steep reductions in household consumption and greater food insecurity. This memo presents an overview of PNG’s poultry sector and describes an analysis of the effects of these trade restrictions on poultry prices, production and consumption using a partial equilibrium model of PNG’s poultry sector. This new analysis builds on earlier work (Dorosh and Schmidt, 2023) that explored the implications of a total ban on poultry imports, by simulating the impacts of a partial poultry ban, including the effects on various household groups within PNG.
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