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Bibliography PNG National Weather Service (2023) Seasonal Climate Outlook (Mar-May 2023), PNG NWS Seasonal Climate Outlook, Vol.11 (2) , PNG National Weather Service, Port Moresby
Abstract / Content summary The monsoon season or the wet season has been very active for the past 3 months since mid-December last year resulting in much, if not, all of the country receiving much needed rainfall, This was a great relief for the country especially when much of the country was experiencing drought-like situations due to rainfall deficiencies. However, due to the extended dryness experienced across the country last year, the recent rains may not be sufficient enough to fully replenish the soil as well as water bores and tanks for normal life to continue. On top of that, there is a 60% chance that the country may head back into El Niño phase which tends to bring below normal rainfall or drier thank normal conditions to the country. However, the model forecast, at this time of the year cannot be relied upon so we will continue to monitor the situation and provide the necessary advise. Even as La Niña is weakening, it will continue to influence the rainfall of certain parts of the country. La Niña usually, but not always, brings much wetter conditions especially to the southern and south-eastern parts of PNG and the mainland highlands but more drier conditions to the New Guinea Islands including AROB and parts of Momase. In the short to medium term, we expect to see more wetter conditions for the country, due to the active monsoon season compounded by the prevailing weak La Niña condition. However, after April, much of the country will be receiving average to below average rainfall with higher rainfall deficiencies in parts of the New Guinea Islands and AROB.
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